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    I'm sorry

    February 26, 2014 by Eyeless Jane

    This one is gunna be really short, as I am not worth dwelling on.

    I'm leaving the wiki. Why? Because I have had my heart played with too many times. I can't stand to look at that person 'cause all I wanna do is cry. So this is it, goodbye

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  • Eyeless Jane
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  • Eyeless Jane

    Doctor 1

    Years of appearance: 4 years

    Companions: Donna, Sarah Jane, Jack

    Famous quote: "You dimwit! The Daleks aren't just washing machines with plungers stuck on them!"

    Believed age: 26

    Believed name: Alice

    Regeneration quote: "just remember....the next person who comes along is still me on the inside, but different on the outside"

    Regeneration to: Florence (Flo)

    Best time: WWII (Are You My Mummy)

    TARDIS appearance: Blue walls, grey floor

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  • Eyeless Jane

    As you all know, I am a Doctor. A Timelord. So of course I gotta have regenerations, duh! So, this is just a heads up if you see any blog posts saying "Regeneration #WTFITIS" so...yeah. If you see any of them around, don't delete them, they are your fabulous leaders

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    Doctor Who 101

    February 22, 2014 by Eyeless Jane

    DOCTOR WHO 101

    1. Bananas are good.

    2. Watch out for women named Jackie, they slap. Hard.

    3. "Go to your room" are terrible last words.

    4. Be silent in The Library.

    5. Fear of the dark is NOT irrational.

    6. Don't blink, blink and you're dead.

    7. Travelling with the Doctor is not safe; however it is the journey of a lifetime.

    8. Statues of weeping angles are dangerous.

    9. The Doctor is rubbish at weddings, especially his own.

    10. The Doctor does not appreciate being called "Doc".

    11. The Doctor likes the word fantastic… and brilliant.

    12. A strange man in your bedroom does not mean anything can happen.

    13. Lots of planets have a north.

    14. If you meet an eccentric man who says his name is John Smith, the wise thing would be to get away as fast at you can…

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